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Corporate Party Ideas To Get Success

It is not easy to organize a successful party. Food, drinks and recorded music are fun, but since there are quite a lot of occasions to celebrate throughout the year, thrown repeatedly such parties soon get boring.

Why not – at least once or twice in the year, as, for example, on the occasion of Christmas, New Year Day or corporate anniversary – have a party a bit different from an ordinary drinking spree, a party to be original and remembered long afterwards.

So what makes a party successful? Is it possible to organize an unforgettable, smooth-running event on your own?

The most important thing is the theme, the idea. But it is not always easy to invent a theme. And it is even more complicated to realize it. Usually, it requires much effort. When choosing a theme, it is advisable to pay attention to several criteria.

First of all, you should have in mind that the aim of a corporate party is not only relaxation, but also getting to know one another better through interaction, revealing personal qualities, etc. That is, the point of a party is team building.

Therefore, it is especially important that all the staff members could participate. Here “participate” means far more than remaining passive watchers because active participation is one of the keys of a successful party. The role of a watcher (if it can be called a role at all) is simply boring.

Let your employees feel that they are important and strong as personalities by giving them a chance to express themselves or accomplish certain tasks. A theme party is an ideal time to do it.

An inseparable part of a holiday party is humor. A light or sharper touch of humor should dominate in every theme.

It is also very important that the theme should be chosen considering the company’s sphere of activity and the specialties of the people involved – the theme should be something out of the ordinary, maybe something exotic or lightly shocking.

Unrealized childhood dreams may be a good idea when choosing a theme. Maybe your boss wanted to become a fireman as a child? Why not put a fire-fighter costume on him and make him sit into a fire truck on boss day or his birthday? Or why not get serious gentlemen immersed in a pool of coloured balls? It’s so nice when people free their true selves, stepping over the line of everyday routine.

It is also important to take into account the occasion on which the party is organized. Surely, if it is a or New Year party, you won’t do without the usual attributes such as Santa Claus, Christmas tree, gifts and fire-works, and somehow or other the theme of the party will have to match the occasion. In case of many other events, the freedom of choice is greater, there is space for infinite interpretations.

If it is a corporate outing, the theme should allow time for activity: tasks to be carried out, games and so on.

Still lacking ideas? Here are several themes:

– Cowboy party (country music and dance, rodeo, whiskey, cigars);

– Knightly tournaments (show fights with thorny knob-sticks (fake ones) followed by the same sort of fights involving the participants, horses, ladies);

– Japanese samurai (fighting with kendo swards, calligraphy, tea ceremony);

– Fire-fighters (fire-engines, helmets, staged fire scene);

– Travel in time;

– UFO (flying saucer, aliens, other planets);

– Beer festival (beer pavilion, the German ,,Oktober Fest” mood);

– alternative sport championship (paintball, electronic basketball, curling, quad-bike race, running with five-man skis (a pair of skis for five persons), sumo, pillow battle);

– tracing classical literature (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Don Quixote, etc.)

Once the theme is selected, it needs proper implementation. The costumes are not enough. The success of the party also depends on the choice of decorations, music, shows, tasks prepared for the participants, food and drinks.

Moreover, a party must have a culmination point. Be it travel in time or a medieval knight tournament, there has to be something to surprise or amaze the participants. It may be a flying saucer landing, an enemy attack or whatever: it depends on your imagination and possibilities.

Meanwhile fire-works, hot-air balloons, a ball-pool, trampoline, soap bubbles and the like may serve to create a festive atmosphere and complement the theme.
An inseparable attribute of a fun party is photos.

Now, should companies organize corporate parties on their own, or maybe it is better to ask for professional help?
Choosing the people to entrust your event to depends not only on the budget but also on your expectations, the time foreseen for preparation, the needed equipment and many other factors.

Organising a corporate party yourself is cheaper. But there is some risk in doing so since even the smallest details may spoil a seemingly successful event; thus, lack of professionalism may be a spoke in the wheel.

Besides, it may cost a lot of time and nerves for the staff members responsible for such events as they may lack experience. Let alone the responsibility which will not let you relax and fully enjoy the celebration. Even if you have decided to organize a party yourself, you can still ask for professional assistance.

Currently there is a wide range of such services in Lithuania, from party ideas to equipment rent. Among them, there are indeed original things for parties: the biggest grill in Lithuania, a submarine towed on the snow, hot-air balloons, bubble machines, etc.

In the global context, event planning professionals in Lithuania can offer high-level services. Choosing professional help in planning an event is a way to avoid repetition. It may happen that some of your guests have already taken part in a similar party, so a good event planning company will never organize the same event a second time.

Moreover, experienced event planners will always find a way out when unforeseen difficulties arise.
However, it is also important to remember that an event starts from the dialogue. Clients are welcome with their thoughts, ideas and wishes so that professionals could offer the most suitable solution.

Discussing all the details and nuances before the event is just vital.
Some more tips when planning an event

To ensure a smooth and truly memorable party, it is advisable to start preparing at least before 2 months, even though it would actually take shorter.

It is also advisable to hold corporate parties on weekdays rather then on weekends, so you will have a greater choice of venues and entertainments.




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