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Corporate Event Ideas: Planning The Perfect Event

Whether you’re planning a company-wide business meeting or you’re looking to help foster a sense of teamwork with a team building event, there are a lot of corporate event ideas that can help you plan the perfect event. Before you start the planning process, use this corporate event ideas checklist to help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Keep Meetings Short And Sweet

No matter what type of organization you have or what type of event you’re planning, chances are good that it will include a meeting or two. To help keep everyone focused, keep these meetings short and sweet. When your events include an element of fun (and they should!) no one will want to spend hours upon hours in a meeting going over business. If you can, make sure to include an agenda so that all attendees will understand what will be covered in the meeting. If new business is introduced, table the discussion until a later time so that your meeting doesn’t go over.

Don’t Forget To Feed Your Employees!

Next, make sure that your employees are taken care of throughout the day. Provide them with plenty of breaks, but don’t forget to give them lunch and coffee breaks. Don’t just give them an hour off and make them fend for their own meal, instead make arrangements for a catered lunch from the venue or an offsite restaurant. Food allergies and sensitivities are becoming more common than ever before so ask if any of your employees are allergic to any foods or if they avoid foods that have gluten or dairy. This will ensure that your employees feel valued, whether you’re having a day full of meetings and seminars or a fun teambuilding event out of the office.

Remember Entertainment!

Don’t forget to plan for some entertainment at your function. Some companies choose to bring in a motivational speaker or other type of entertainer, but other businesses prefer something a little more interactive. Players Indoor Sports Center offers a full range of activities for corporate events, including games like dodgeball, kickball, soccer, football or recess games that will have your employees feeling like they’re kids again and help foster a sense of teamwork. Just remind them that these games are all in good fun so they don’t take the competition aspect too seriously.

How Are You Going To Get To The Venue?

It’s also important to consider transportation. If you’re planning an event not far from your own office, you could have your employees meet at the venue instead of the office. However, if it’s a bit of distance, consider having everyone meet at the office at their regular start time and then hire a bus to take everyone to the venue. Meeting beforehand can help ensure no one gets lost on the way there.

These corporate event ideas can help you plan an event for your employees that they’ll talk about for a long time to come.



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