Celebrate the Company’s day to motivate the employees

It’s celebration time! A great year went by and you have every right to enjoy your achievements. Organizing a do on your “Company Day” is all about celebrating your company’s success year after year and rewarding employees as well. Truly, when businesses do not celebrate, they have fewer successes in the future. Make no mistake, celebration is good!

Many entrepreneurs and managers tend to think that celebration is only about entertainment, food and drink. That’s a bit of a hangover from our childhood birthday parties, don’t you think? However, if you ponder over it for a moment, you will realize that food and drink is used just to set the stage. The celebration is really about coming together and recounting individual and collective achievements. Congratulate employees on how hard they worked, and highlight in public the ways in which their smartness and creativity helped the business achieve its goals. That being said, remember to retain the element of fun will show you how.

As the boss, you need to take partying very seriously indeed. You have an important role to play in organizing the company day, since it is you who needs to facilitate the reliving of pleasant memories. Set the ball rolling by addressing the group. Although it may seem a bit formal, a speech summarizing the highlights of the past year is certainly called for. Next, shift gears and invite participation from the group – ask them to describe how they accomplished what they did. Keep the tone open and informal, so that even the most reserved lose their inhibitions. In the unlikely event that someone brings up a problem or makes a critical remark, respond to them by saying that the company day celebration is in honor of all that was done right, and that you’d be happy to discuss the issue at another more appropriate occasion.

Encouraging employee participation brings many benefits. First of all, employees gain public recognition among their peers and colleagues. It also helps to transmit information across a wide cross section of people, which is otherwise not possible during day to day interactions. This type of sharing could not only prove inspirational to others, but also inculcate a spirit of healthy competition among peers. Therefore, the company day also offers the perfect occasion to announce team or individual performance awards.

Right, now that the rah-rah stuff is done with, let’s get down to business. It is party time, folks! Make sure the entertainment agenda for your company day event is as well planned as any of your business meetings. If you’re short on ideas, “Party Basics: Everything You Need for the World’s Best Party” will help you plan and organize your company day celebration. You could choose from a range of entertainment activities, depending on the size and composition of the group as well as the timing of the event. While there’s nothing better than loud music and a dance floor to get the juices flowing, you can inject some real tempo if you bring in a professional entertainer. Alternatively, team games are great to bond the guys together, provided the logistics can be managed.

It’s also important to close the event on a nice note. A customized memento commemorating the occasion is usually cherished and serves as a wonderful reminder of the day. Once these have been given away, make a short but heartfelt thank you speech, and end it by saying how you look forward to future celebrations. A company day does more to foster team spirit and a sense of belonging among employees than most structured training programs do. Use the opportunity well.









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